"Conversation in robotics"


In the last year, Fablab Torino’s objective has been to dive into new landscapes of research thanks to contaminations with other disciplines from external realities. On february this purpose has come a little bit closer since the arrival of our first robotic arm made in COMAU. The robotic arm, nickname is “Braccio di Ferro”, takes its name from Popeye.

Digifacturing rises from a collaboration between several partners: Fablab Torino, Officine Arduino with COMAU and Toolbox Coworking as well as Co-de-iT; all together we will focus on new landscapes of experimentation. Digital fabrication + robotic automation applied in the field of architecture, interaction design and art will be just few of the several realities we wish to experiment;

every step will be conceived in order to understand how can, so many different fields of applications, actually co-exhist and evolve, through a process of mutual contamination. Here we wish to discover new landscapes of experimentation offering a different perspective about the world of design for research.

The multidisciplinary team that will actually work with the robot will be composed by several professionals: some with a “maker” background, others more technical from the fields of electronics and computational design. Now a lot of work is waiting for us to start; several are the experiments to test and projects to develop and we cannot see the time projects will be finally real.